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Exploring Frama Deep Forest Eau de Parfum

To create Deep Forest, Frama started with the finest natural essences from around the world.


Orange oil provides a bright, citrusy top note. Cold-pressed from the peels of oranges grown in Italy, this essential oil is refreshing and mood-boosting.


White rose, with its delicate floral scent, adds a touch of romance. Grown in Bulgaria, the petals are steam distilled to extract the precious oil.


Cedarwood oil, sustainably harvested from cedar trees in Morocco, gives Deep Forest its woody base note. Earthy and grounding, cedarwood has been used for centuries in perfumes and incense.


Patchouli oil, derived from patchouli leaves grown in Indonesia, provides an herbaceous undertone. Musky and sensual, patchouli is a staple in natural perfumery.


By artfully blending these premium essences, Frama created an alluring scent that transports you to a lush, verdant forest. The natural oils interact with your body chemistry to produce a fragrance that is uniquely yours.


Spray it on your pulse points for an uplifting experience throughout the day. With notes of citrus and rose on top, cedarwood and patchouli at the base, and fresh greenery all around, Deep Forest evokes feelings of both energy and calm. A perfect balance for well-being.


Made by hand in small batches in Italy, this natural perfume is an invitation to wander surrounded by nature's simple pleasures. Journey through the woods - and through the day - with Deep Forest.

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